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The words "everyday is a fresh beginning" have hung above our head for the last five years you "lettuce serve you." Today those words ring more true than ever as we have decided our adventure with Fresh is winding down and we will be closing the "tiny cafe that could" we affectionately have called it over the years. Our main reason is because we often say we are a family business and family comes first, but our truth is we have literally put our own family life on the back burner for five years. Don't get us wrong. We have zero regret and are filled with intense appreciation an opportunity presented itself we not only got to share together, but alongside a ton of supportive, patient and hardworking people that helped us transform a dream into a reality. Opening this cafe was such a risk and out of character bold move for both of us and born from our own desire to have a fresh beginning after a series of going no where choices. Entrepreneurship challenged us greatly, pushed us to be stronger and for every obstacle that stood in our way it inspired us to be more resourceful and again start "fresh" rather than accept defeat. All this became much bigger than just cooking and serving food everyday and made us face many of those big lofty life questions I have what it I good I like who I am? Our biggest fear owning a business is that it would feel so isolating. Instead, to our delight, we got to be actively involved in our home town and be part of a much grander trickle down effect owning a small business on Main Street America has on the economy. That $10 you spent on a meal every day didn't just get you some gigantic salad or a yummy sandwich. It allowed us to employ close to 100 people over the last five years almost all of whom were local residents from Cornwall and Newburgh. We probably gave close to fifty teens in this community their first job (sorry mom and dad if they never want to wash a dish again!) We also took a chance on many culinary newbies that are now leading their own hospitality careers. We employed many of your neighbors who for a wide variety of reasons needed a job close to home. It also gave us the ability to pay it forward and buy products and produce from other Hudson Valley family owned businesses and farms. So please as a consumer don't ever discount the immeasurable positives of spending your hard earned dollars right on your own Main Street and Cornwall has many outstanding places you can do that. We've had a very loyal customer base and your continued patronage kept a mom and pop shop like ours alive and well for five bountiful years. Your kind words of encouragement and enthusiasm for what we tried to do here which was simply rediscover the art of connection that happens when good food is shared amongst good company will stay with us in our heart always. It was an honor you trusted us to be part of celebrating your milestones and we walk away with just as many meaningful memories from those special events. This dream was not built alone and the large Fresh family includes many family members, friends, vendors and employees that have dropped everything at a moment's notice to help us with anything we needed and they have not been recognized or compensated as greatly as they deserve. During questionable times we had countless angels remind us kindness still exists and shines brighter than anything else. I know this news will disappoint many of our Santa Fe and Harvest fans, but please know arriving to this decision was a long emotional process, but as any parent will tell you when it comes to your kids some choices are just no brainers and the cliche is true…childhood goes so, so fast. Saying we are small business owners definitely made us feel proud, but above all else we are honored to call ourselves mom and dad and we are very much looking forward to finally spending more than just a few hours here and there together as a family. There are no words left except thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting and believing in our dream. As all encompassing as this experience was we urge all you day dreamers and those that often ask "what if" to take a small step every day toward your "fresh beginning."

Much Love & Deep Gratitude,
The Wojehowski Family

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