The conception of Fresh started shortly after the birth of our first conception, our daughter Coralai.  Like most new parents, the shift went entirely off of us and completely on our newly created human being and our daily mission was to make sure we did not break her because she didn’t come with a warranty.  So while our first born, whom we were determined to do everything the, What to Expect When You Are Expecting, authors told us to do, ate nothing but organic and home cooked food, like any tired and busy new parents our health took a back seat.  

However, it didn’t seem right that if we had no time to cook, but did not have the ability to eat out at a restaurant our options for fast food were only places that would make our health suffer more.  Thus, the birth of our second child FRESH!

Our Freshlosohpy is that people should have access to homemade quality food that is not processed, fried or frozen and still won’t break the bank or bust the gut.  FRESH sets out to create food that is simple, but bountiful with healthy ingredients and flavor.  Our goal is to take advantage of the lush agriculture the Hudson Valley has to offer and share it with our community who are seeking a fast but nutritious meal.  Our menu consists of lighter fare such as salads where you can choose your own toppings and dress with our house made salad dressings or try a soup all of which are made fresh daily with homemade stock and seasonal ingredients.  Our menu also consists of some heartier foods like panini and sandwiches all made with freshly grilled and roasted meats and vegetables and topped with house made spreads.  Whatever your appetite is, Fresh makes all the food on their menu from scratch so there is no mystery in what you are eating.  Our stellar culinary team spend their time in the kitchen at Fresh conjuring up recipes and testing the best methods to create food that is simple at its core, but forever memorable to our taste buds.   At the height of Hudson Valley growing season almost our entire menu is sourced from local farms within a 40 mile radius.   Fresh is proud and committed to creating food that tastes good and is good for you.  Fresh is open for breakfast and lunch for people who want to eat-in or take-out for when time is limited, but nutrition and taste are not.